e-work HR Company Poland is a company which delivers modern staff solutions in Poland.
We specialize in:
• Temporary work
• Recruitment & selection
• Medical services
• Cyber security and IT
• Banking and Finance
• HoReCa

We mainly specialize in providing temporary employees to production companies as well as logistic and distribution centres, where the activity fluctuation is dependent on seasonal factors and volume of orders.

Our solutions are dedicated to new start-ups and companies characterized by high activity in the areas of:
• Production
• Logistics
• Warehouse and Distribution
• Packing& Co-packing
• Infrastructure
• Administration

We delegate temporary workers and realise recruitment projects for the following industries:

• Food sector
• Clothes sector
• Mechanical sector
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Automotive
• Call centers
• Contact centers


Temporary Work Agency

The workers delegated to the Client are employed by e-work HR Company Poland. Between the worker and the Client there is no lawful relation, except the one that results from the contract, its annexes and the labour laws. e-work HR Company Poland is the party responsible for the appropriate payment commitments and all other lawful commitments resulting from employing the delegated workers on a contract.

The preliminary margin of profit per one working hour of rendered services is the difference resulting from the total costs of one hour of services and the net rate of the invoice set by the parties. In our offer, the hour net rates for the temporary workers are established by Your company, so the proposed hour net rates for the workers may be changed according to your suggestion.

We are also involved in the production process. We deal with monitoring and improving task productivity. The service consists in refining the employees work and an increased control of the production cycles. 

On-Site-Management or In-House-Solutions are dedicated to employers who are hiring a large number of temporary employees. In such situation, the coordinator is at the Clients’ disposal.


The recruitment process

e-work HR Company Poland offers more than just high-quality, competitively priced and reliable recruitment solutions. By changing the recruitment environment, both at the client’s and outside of it, or by supporting an internal team, we can find the best quality candidates more efficiently, cheaper and effectively.
The initial employment price (payment in the success fee model for 1 candidate) ranges from 200% -300% of the employee’s gross monthly salary and varies depending on the job position and the number of vacancies.
preliminary price for hiring (success fee for 1 employee) is 200%-300% of an employee’s monthly gross salary, depending on the job position and the quantity of vacancies.