Are you looking for a job?

e-work HR Company Poland provides jobs in many regions of Poland. We have the opportunity to refer you to companies in various industries and for different positions

  • We guarantee full employee service, from the first visit to our company until the end of the cooperation process
  • We offer advice in all matters related to employment
  • We ensure discretion and data security
  • If we do not have a suitable job offer for the person concerned, our database will show us immediately when an interesting offer appears. Our consultant will immediately call you and present the job offer.

Before starting work

  • During the first contact with us, the interested party receives information about available jobs. Our consultants will help in choosing the most suitable position.
  • Before starting the job, the potential employee should only fill out a personal questionnaire and express a desire, or, where required, present the necessary documents confirming the qualifications, e.g. authorization to drive a truck or forklift.
  • If all the activities described above are carried out, the person concerned is referred to medical examinations and trainings.
  • Taking up a job is equivalent to signing the relevant contract, preparing and sending registration forms to the appropriate institutions. From this moment, all the necessary documents are issued and sent on time by our HR department.
  • In all of the above activities, the employed person can count on the comprehensive assistance of our specialists.

During work

  • The person we refer should perform activities on time, to the extent and at a rate which is precisely determined before starting work.
  • Before and during the work, our employee is directed to all necessary training.
  • All issues and problems that may arise during the period of the contract will be resolved on the spot – our specialists are in constant contact with employees.
  • Every day we check the presence of our employees in the workplace to keep record of working time. We are able to quickly calculate the number of hours worked by our employee and calculate the due remuneration.
  • The payment is always transferred to the employee on the agreed date

After work

  • Depending on the reason, our HR department will prepare relevant documents related to the termination of work
  • The employee receives a work certificate
  • Information of the person who worked with us remains in the database in order to establish cooperation in the future.